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Season 6 Coming This Fall


A new season of NBA 2K Mobile is coming this fall, and we’ve got some important details to know.

What’s happening, 2K Mobile community!?

It’s the time of year when you may be wondering, What’s next? Well, we’re thrilled to announce that a new season of NBA 2K Mobile is coming this fall. After a lengthy brainstorming exercise, we have decided to call it – drum roll please – Season 6.

We’re hard at work on everything that a season launch entails, including brand-new features and improvements to your favorite game modes. More details will be revealed soon, but we can share that a couple things we’re focused on are Crews and a revamped version of Domination.

Season 5 still has plenty of fun activities in store, including the Players’ Choice theme you voted on. But we’ve got some important details to know about what’s coming beyond that.

Like the Season 4 to Season 5 transition, your cards will carry over and remain in your inventory when the S6 app update drops. They’ll be playable in all game modes in S6 (besides Crews). Other items like coins, collectibles and Gear will also carry over.

With names like Cosmic Jasper, Plasma Quartz and Chaos Diamond being utilized, you might think we’re running out of ideas. Well, we did another brainstorming exercise, and this one was actually lengthy. S6 launch will bring three new tiers – just like S5 did – and the floor of the lowest possible tier that can be pulled will be raised. By a lot.

So, when is this all happening? You can expect S6 to arrive around the same time as usual, but just a tad later in the calendar than previous season launches. Our target is a couple weeks before the NBA season tips off, which is a date that can be discovered by searching on the World Wide Web. After you finish this article, of course.

Back to Domination. Since many of you plan your lineups around these events, we can confirm that there will not be another Dom until S6. We can also confirm that the new version of Dom is going to be awesome.

Another area we’re working to improve is limiting cheaters and hackers. We know that has been a major point of frustration, and we made significant efforts to combat this activity in the most recent app update. It will continue to be a priority in S6.

OK, stay tuned as we reveal more about S6 soon! Let’s call it our LeBron Year? In 17 years, let’s all get together and endlessly debate whether our LeBron Year or our Jordan Year was better.