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Season 5 Finale


The next few weeks provide some unique opportunities to earn the game’s most powerful cards.

Season 6 of NBA 2K Mobile is inching closer! Before we turn the page to what will be our biggest and best season yet, the next few weeks provide some unique opportunities to earn the game’s most powerful cards and get your lineups prepped for S6 launch.

Let’s officially call this Season 5 Finale. Here’s what is happening.

In each of the next three main events, players in Amber through Chaos Diamond tiers will have a free Superstar Spinner as their final progression reward. The Spinner will give a random theme card from that specific tier. Players in CD tier will get a CD theme card, Plasma Quartz players will get a PQ theme card, and so on.

After opening the Spinner and seeing the initial pull, you’ll have one free spin of the position or star count if you want to chase a different theme card in the tier. Subsequent spins of the position or star count will cost coins, like a typical Spinner. You could also spin the tier, which would randomize the NBA player but wouldn’t change the star count or the position (or the tier).

For Chaos Diamond players, the pool of possible pulls in these Spinners will include three brand-new cards that go live next week. They are CD cards from Fear The Beard, Screen Time and Rim Rockers themes. Can you guess the players?

This means there will be 24 possible pulls for the CD Spinners (Courtside cards are not included). The three brand-new cards will also be available via a Bank Shot or Press Your Dunk for a week apiece during S5 Finale.

How will style bonus work in these events? Well, all S5 theme cards provide it during S5 Finale! That applies to the three main and mini events. Courtside cards will give their usual bonus, too.

The other cards in progression rewards will be from previous themes. And, if Pearl or higher, the card was pack exclusive when its theme originally ran. We’ll share the full event schedule on social Monday, including the PQ and Cosmic Jasper cards in each one. A little sneak peek – Oscar Robertson Triple-Doubles is available next week.

In each main event, the leaderboard will have a CD theme card that was previously pack exclusive.

S5 Finale will also be a prime opportunity to get collectibles from previous themes. You’ll be able to earn them a few different ways, including via events. Instead of collectibles from a specific theme like in typical events, that progression reward will feature packs that give a random one from an S5 theme. Players in top tiers can earn four of these packs per main event (and more in mini events).

This same pack will be available in the store every day for three weeks. Starting Monday, access it by opening the Free Pack in the Limited tab, then watching the Ad Pack. This can be done once every six hours.

Packs for previous themes will also be rotating in the store, meaning another chance to get those cards AND collectibles. Two different themes will be in the store per day – both the standard and Elite packs at discounted prices – and every S5 theme will appear at some point during the three weeks.

OK, that’s the gist of it! With S5 Finale set to run for three weeks, you can probably guess when S6 is coming. The official launch date and much more info will be revealed soon via our social pages! In the meantime, check out the previous words we wrote about Season 6.